Q: Is the EOS you sell the same as what I see at the store?
A: Yes, it is the same product that you would buy at a retail store, though we add a custom logo for promotional purposes.

Q: What is the melting point of your lip balms?
A: 140-145 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q: Do you make any products that are classified as vegan?
A: We don’t carry any as stock items, but we can make a vegan product. We’d be happy to provide you with a quote for a custom order of a vegan product. Email orders@rainingrose.com for more information.

Q: Can you match Pantone (PMS) colors?
A: We use a digital print process, which gives us a 95% (or better) match of the original PMS color. 

Q: I’m allergic to bees; would your products containing beeswax cause an allergic reaction?
A: Possibly. If you are allergic to bee venom (stings), you aren’t necessarily allergic to beeswax. However, for those who are allergic or sensitive to bee POLLEN, there is a chance that you’ll have sensitivity to an ingredient in beeswax called propolis. Please check with your dermatologist or allergist before using any products containing beeswax.

Q: Is your lip balm gluten free?
A: Our All Natural Lip Balm and Euro Balm are gluten free.