Why Promotional Products Have Power

Posted on 04/14/2016

Sometimes we forget that promotional products carry a lot of power when it comes to influencing customer decision making, so let’s take a look at some statistics that show just how powerful they can be. According to PPAI, they're pretty impressive!

Advertising Recall: In a consumer behavior study, 88% of people who received promotional products reported they recalled the advertiser, and 62% said they recalled the message.

Advertiser Influence: As a result of custom promotional items, 59% of people have a more favorable view of the brand, and 85% do business with the company on some level after receiving a branded product.

Ownership: As many as 8 in 10 consumers own at least one promotional product.

Desirability: On average, 47% of people keep promotional items for a year, if not more. (They must love them!)

Locations of Success: Promotional products tend to be more successful when seen or used in certain physical locations than others. The kitchen comes in at the top (91%), with a workspace (74%) and the bedroom (55%) following after it.

Top Buyers: When it comes to markets that take the most advantage of promotional items, the top five are education, financial, not-for-profit, health care, and construction. Of course, this is a not a complete list because promotional items work powerfully in every market!

Practical Factors: The reasons promotional products work are many, the most important being usefulness to the recipient. Others are that they’re attractive, informative, desirable, sentimental, and fun! After all, it’s hard to ignore something fun that you enjoy using.

Lasting Impact: Our lip balm in particular is used 2-10 times a day and lasts 3-12 months, giving you 1,000 impressions for under $1 each. Talk about fantastic exposure for impacting those you're reaching!

Whether or not you have before, now you definitely don’t have to doubt that promotional products have power and really work!

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