Why Gift Giving to Clients is Important

Posted on 10/06/2016

It’s now October, which means it’s the perfect time to start thinking about holiday gifts. While plenty of businesses provide their customers with gifts every year, only a few put much thought into it. Like any great gift, it really is the thought that counts — so make each one meaningful for the specific client who’ll be receiving it.

For those who need a little convincing about why client gift giving is important, let us help:

It’s a way to thank them for their business. It’s one thing to tell your client you appreciate their business, but it’s another thing to show it. Demonstrate how much they mean to you by sending a personalized gift that’s genuine. Trust us — they will remember.

It helps maintain a good relationship. The truth is this: Much of your future business will come from current business relationships staying healthy. Investing in them by sending a gift will show that they’re worth it to you.

You make an impression. Not everyone goes the extra mile to be thoughtful with a gesture like gift giving. It makes you memorable, not to mention a standout next to others in the industry.

You’re top of mind. Maybe it’s been a while since your customer placed an order. Receiving a personalized gift may very well remind them how great it was to work with you — and provide just the motivation they need to order again.

In preparing your gifts, remember that generosity means more than extravagance. The “wow” factor doesn’t have to come from the price tag, so instead, make it come from your personal touch. Include a handwritten note (with your customers’ first names), wrap it up and make it pretty, and use envelopes, tissue, or boxes that match your company colors. It might involve some added expense, but if you incorporate gift giving into your yearly budget, you’ll discover that it’s worth it.

Most often, recipients will know whether or not you took time to prepare the gift you sent, and it could even impact how they interact with you in the future. Besides, when you let yourself get creative with it, gift giving is a lot of fun!