Why Buy Red, White, and Blue?

Posted on 05/05/2016

For most Americans, our most precious possession is citizenship in this amazing country. –Ann Coulter

It’s no secret that buying products overseas often means fewer dollars out of the budget — but what about buying American? As a Midwest manufacturer, we see the importance of buying and selling USA-made products. Here are just a few reasons why buying American is so beneficial:

1. It creates jobs. Lots of them, actually. To start, every U.S. manufacturing job immediately creates 5-8 other jobs. Further, if each American spent $3.33 more on products made in the USA, it would create almost 10,000 additional jobs, and if every builder used 5% more USA-made supplies, it would create 220,000 new jobs! Talk about ample job opportunity.

2. It recycles dollars. In other words, when we use American dollars to buy American products, those dollars stay in the American economy. They benefit the U.S. workers who made the items and also allow our tax dollars to support local businesses so they can thrive.

3. It’s good for the environment. Importing products into the country can cause large-scale pollution and environmental abuse. The process also adds a greater use of petroleum and leads to unnecessary emissions that can damage our atmosphere over time.

4. It better ensures good working conditions. When a product is made overseas, Americans don’t have control over the conditions in which workers made it. This means purchasing it could mean supporting poor working conditions like long hours, unfair treatment, or low wages that can come with few labor regulations.

5. It builds American pride and supports democracy. Don’t you just feel good when you buy something made in America? We do. Plus, you support the democratic environment of our country, with citizens able to make an impact in their society.

Guess what? Our lip balm and other body care products are not only made in the U.S., but they’re also made in the heartland of Iowa! We take a lot of pride in our offerings, which include our ever popular Broad Spectrum Lip Balm and All Natural Lip Balm — not to mention our new products like Man Balm, Euro Balm, and more! We love that USA-made means a high quality result that customers get to enjoy all year long.