Sweeter than Candy

Posted on 09/07/2017

Halloween is approaching — do you have your promotions ready? Rather than just going with candy this year, mix things up with practical promotional items. Here are some simple application ideas that will help customers stand out for the occasion:

Retainer Case: Customize our Retainer Case with your logo and/or a Halloween message and give it to orthodontic patients who have recently gotten their braces removed. Include a small coupon inside that’s valid for $1 for every pound of candy they bring in after Halloween. It will encourage them to keep taking care of their teeth while providing a nice incentive!

Glow in the Dark Lip Balm: Host a trunk-or-treat event at your dental office or health clinic for kids and promote it using this lip balm with a glow-in-the-dark tube and cap. Hand it to patients at their appointment checkout so they learn about the event and feel welcome to attend. Not only will they have something to remind them of the event before (and after) it takes place, but they’ll also have something practical for their lips.

Man Balm: Take advantage of the dark and fitting look of Man Balm to promote a Halloween special. Whether you’re offering reduced pricing on a certain product or service, it’s a great way to communicate the information creatively. On the label, include that it’s valid through the entire month to encourage people to return.

Plush Hot and Cold Pack: Use our black Plush Hot and Cold Pack to share your new oral surgery or physical therapy business opening! To tie in with Halloween, you can incorporate a fun Halloween saying on the pack, along with details about your open house or your logo and contact information. It’s the perfect touch considering the item is particularly useful for health care fields.

EOS Lip Balm: Host a family Halloween night in your office as a thank you to all your employees, customers, or patients. Present EOS Lip Balm to all attendees upon arrival and complete your event with games, costume contests, face painting, Halloween cookies, punch, etc. It’s a celebration that guests and their kids will not soon forget.

Are you excited to get started? Plan some innovative, festive Halloween promotions to really make an impact that counts (and spooks)!