Raining Rose Has Holiday Spirit

Posted on 12/16/2016

Raining Rose's holiday spirit is in full swing! We've been able to give back to our community, share gifts and fun with one another, and make the office a reflection of the holiday season. It really is the most wonderful time of the year!

One of the main ways we've been able to support our community is through our annual Holiday Giving Tree, in which employees volunteer to bring a gift based on the gift tag they pick up. With the help of a local organization, all of this year's gifts were donated to families that are homeless, living in poverty, or are victims of domestic violence. One person's donation in particular really stood out — Paul Misterka from CCAP Enterprises out of Ohio donated 135 knit hats after seeing our Giving Tree! Being out of town, he went the extra mile and had them drop-shipped to us so we could include them with our other donations. The picture below shows many of the items bought for these families!

We've also had company-wide activities to celebrate the season, including a Christmas Cookie Exchange, a Secret Santa multi-gift exchange, and a visit from Santa for the children of our employees! Hi-fives, hugs, and smiles were all around for that event!

Of course, our Raining Rose tree with orange ornaments went up in the main entry to continue our tradition, allowing everyone to enjoy it — employees and visitors alike. It may not be the easiest to set up (we are thankful for ladders), but it's well worth it for the joy it brings!

How have you celebrated the holiday season so far? We hope it's been filled with joy and love for those around you!