Our Favorite Moments from ASI Chicago

Posted on 08/03/2018

Last week we had the privilege of exhibiting, presenting and entertaining in the Windy City for ASI’s annual promotional products show. Being seasoned veterans of the trade show floor, we fell right into stride during show floor hours. Off the show floor, we had the pleasure of experiencing a few new things this year – none of which fell short of exciting and momentous. Read on to find out what our favorite moments were from this year’s show.

Camp Raining Rose
If you’re familiar with Raining Rose you may recall that we love to theme out our tradeshow booths. We’ve been painters, super heroes, and even cartoon versions of ourselves. This year we went outdoorsy and invited you to our summer camp; Camp Raining Rose. Greeted by our camp counselors (also known as our stellar sales reps), booth visitors got to learn about our newest products, grab samples, and roll the dice for a chance to win discounts on products. These exciting attributes gave our customers the feeling that they were back at summer camp.

Making sure our tradeshows are unforgettable is one of our passions, and we thrive on creating a fun and educational experience for all. This makes our tradeshow floor time one of our favorite moments from each and every show. (What will we come up with for 2019? Well, we ain’t afraid of no germs!)


Meet our Experts
Let’s step away from the show floor to recount another of our favorite moments; Meet the Experts. This lunch session allowed distributors to enjoy a roundtable discussion with other distributors and sponsoring suppliers. This year two members of our team, Nate Robson and Mason Linn, had the honor of presenting.

Nate discussed sunscreen and the claims surrounding reef safe products. He also provided an understanding of regulations and compliance concerning sun protection claims, as well as what the potential banning of non-reef safe sunscreens in certain states could mean for distributors.

Mason provided insight on one of today’s top industries; the dental market. During his conversations he offered ideas and applications that have been proven to drive predictable income and consistent reorders.

Our goal is to help distributors become more knowledgeable about relevant topics while giving them the tools to better meet the needs of their customers. Given the opportunity to serve as subject matter experts and help educate distributors makes ‘Meet the Experts’ one of our favorite moments from ASI.


Rock the Boat
Also new this year was our after-hours event, Rock the Boat. Co-sponsored with SanMar, Toddy Gear, and The Magnet Group, we invited distributors to join us for a fun night on a chartered boat ride on Lake Michigan. Everyone ate delicious food, took in the beautiful sights of Chicago’s downtown area, played some goofy ice-breaker games, and enjoyed spectacular fireworks at nightfall. Aside from the fun atmosphere and exceptional city views, the best moments were those face-to-face interactions with our customers that we truly enjoy and never take for granted. We believe that being able to interact with our peers in a non-office environment is crucial to everlasting professional partnerships, making our Rock the Boat event one to remember.