Meeting Needs, Not Just Selling Products

Posted on 07/23/2015

ASI Chicago was a great experience for our sales team, and for those who stopped by our booth – thank you so much!

It’s been a week since we returned, and we’re still taking in everything we learned.  Both through the education sessions and working the show floor, there was a lot to take away!

Something we were reminded of and strive to do for our customers is to not only market our product, but also market our contribution for meeting customer needs. Although we feel our lip balm products are so exceptional that they speak for themselves, our goal is to go the extra mile to help customers know how to reach their end users. That means we provide solutions to problems and ideas for how to use lip balm in a way that capitalizes on each company’s specific strengths. And genuinely caring about our customers to work through any road bumps is a given. It’s what we do best!

Getting to know your customers and their goals is essential for great customer service. Based on their response to what you have to offer, you can then gauge whether or not you’re meeting their real needs. When you do, they’ll trust you to take care of them and want to work with you again! Distributors can tell when you really care about them versus simply wanting to sell your product.

Last week was truly one of the best Chicago shows we’ve ever participated in from a networking and traffic standpoint. Our team attended the Promo Kitchen gather, which was a lot of fun, and a couple of our sales representatives also tried the new Dinners Club networking event. This also turned out to be a fun and valuable experience.

Again, thanks to all who participated and helped make the show a success for us! We’re excited to continue great relationships with our current customers and keep developing new ones. Until next year!