Making an Impression that Lasts

Posted on 07/31/2015

We're a day away from August, which means school is just around the corner for K-12 students. While a lot of kids may not be anxious to head back, we can give them reason to be excited!

Lip balm is the perfect item for promotions and reminders as schools think about new school year initiatives and what they want to instill in students. Plus it’s fun! It’s a usable product for chapped lips that comes in a variety of flavors, and it’s always on-the-person to allow students to continually be exposed to the message on the label. This means teachers can refer to the lip balm regularly to reinforce that message throughout the year.

What’s the message? Maybe there’s a new anti-bullying campaign that will help kick off the year, or perhaps teachers want to remind students of the school’s mission and important school policies to start the year on the right foot. It’s a great place to put event information as well, whether that’s for athletic events, community service, the arts, prom, or other occasions. It's all up to the imagination — the possibilities are nearly endless!

And to pair with so many message options, we have a wide range of different kinds of lip balm to choose from: All Natural, Broad Spectrum, Neon Cap, Glow in the Dark, Caffeine, USDA Organic, Colorful, Breath Fresh, Medicated, the list goes on! Our variety allows customers to choose whatever matches the theme or message they’re aiming for. And the product quality is truly exceptional!

Lip balm can be just the thing that makes school initiatives a little more exciting. Check out this Fresh Tip for more ideas!