Lip Balm, Orthodontics, and New Patients

Posted on 05/11/2017

Orthodontics: It’s an industry you may work with on a regular basis, but do you know some of the difficulties that are common in the industry today?

One of the biggest challenges that ortho offices currently face is acquiring new patients, in part because of the nature of the practice. Most patients get their teeth straightened or receive bite correction with the help of braces within about two years — but after those two years, patients no longer need orthodontic services (unlike dental services, for example). This means new patients are needed to take their place, and even more patients are necessary to promote a practice’s growth by generating additional revenue (Premier Dental Marketing; Benton, 2016).

More specifically, a survey of 475 dental and orthodontic professionals revealed that lack of referrals is the top concern in orthodontics when it comes to reaching new patients (TeleVox, 2015). Referrals are crucial in this effort, as people want to know what others think about a service before they try it themselves, and minimal referrals can contribute to fewer new patient visits. Added to the challenge is the fact that many dental offices now provide offerings like clear orthodontic aligners, which makes these offices more like competition than referring dentists (Premier Dental Marketing; AACD, 2017).

Fortunately, lip balm can help. It offers a simple and effective way to reach others by getting people talking about a specific orthodontic practice. “Out of sight, out of mind” is a saying that can hold true in the industry, but lip balm can reverse it by keeping an orthodontic office in sight and top of mind (TeleVox, 2015). How? Here’s an example: An ortho practice could give lip balm to current patients with a label that includes a referral incentive, in which patients receive a product or service discount if they refer a friend. The more that offices build loyalty in current patients, the more likely those patients will recommend the office to others.

Attracting new patients can be a difficult endeavor for orthodontic practices, but customized lip balm can really play a beneficial role in making it happen — by enhancing a practice's visibility and reputation among current patients to bring in new faces.

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