Increasing Industry Knowledge

Posted on 10/11/2018

Our sales representatives Lisa Waggoner and Mason Linn just took their credibility up a notch by earning their CAS (Certified Advertising Specialist) certification! A program offered through Promotional Products Association International, this certification requires at least three years of industry experience, 75 hours of industry-related classes, and a satisfactory score on the CAS certification exam. Classes include topics covering promotional programs, best practices for the supplier/distributor relationship, product safety, ethical business practices, and the industry as a whole.

The PPAI certification program is considered a strong indicator of business excellence, professionalism, and commitment to professional growth in the promotional products industry. For this reason, we’re extremely proud of Lisa and Mason!

We asked them a few questions about what this certification means to them, and here’s what they had to say:

Why was attaining the CAS certification important to you, both personally and professionally?
Mason: The ability to differentiate myself from others by the sheer value I bring to the table is something I continually strive for. Everyone has their products, pricing, and specials, but it is what we can offer beyond those things that will truly separate us as a coveted business partner.

Lisa: Getting the CAS certification is a credential that I believe gives you credibility in this industry. It has motivated me to learn more and continue with my education and growth in the industry. Personally? Knowledge is power!! I want to keep moving forward, and this is an avenue to do just that.

How has this certification helped you in the promotional industry?
Mason: It’s too soon to tell, but I am excited for what is down the road!

Lisa: The education was awesome. Our industry is changing and evolving, and I found at least one or two main points of each session that will enhance what I am currently doing. This really helped with the “big picture” as well. Automation and artificial knowledge is changing how we do business! The train is going fast…I can be up front and drive the train, I can jump on and ride the train, or I can watch it go by. I want to be up front with the conductor leading the way.

Tell us a little about your experience earning the CAS certification; what were your favorite aspects of the process/what was your most valuable takeaway?
Mason: I loved how it could be accomplished on my timeline. Being a traveling rep, I am constantly on the go during the day. It was the nighttime hours that allowed me the flexibility and time to complete the required courses for my CAS. Every night that I was on the road allowed me time to complete three to four classes.

Lisa: The process was very simple and very different from when I first got into the industry. The online webinars have made it very easy to work with your own schedule. The most valuable takeaway for me is the knowledge I have…and my desire to continue that education and involvement.

Congratulations to these two! We hope their certifications make you even more confident in their ability to meet your unique needs in a reliable and professional way.