How You Know You Work at a Lip Balm Factory

Posted on 12/03/2015

Working at a lip balm factory includes some distinctive features when it comes to the employee experience. We decided to gather ten fun ways you know you work at a factory that makes delicious lip balm!

You know you work at a lip balm factory when...

  1. Most of your co-workers wear hair nets.
  2. It always smells great — some days it's tropical and other days it's minty!
  3. You can tell the difference between Iced Pear and Pearadise lip balm with your eyes closed. 
  4. Your spouse or family members don't complain that you smell like work when you get home.
  5. You know what a knurl is.
  6. You actually know the difference between lip balm and Chapstick.
  7. You constantly look at lip balm labels in stores to see who made it.
  8. You're more excited about new lip balm flavors than most and often get to sample them first.
  9. There are handfuls of used lip balm sitting on your desk as you rotate which you use.
  10. You have an endless supply of lip balm to share with family and friends!

We love the atmosphere here and that we can provide you with products made right on-site. This means your order is monitored from start to finish to ensure the highest quality result. All the smells, sights, and experiences increase our excitement about our products, which makes us even more excited to share them with you!