Halloween Lip Balm Promotions

Posted on 09/01/2016

The spookiest day of the year is getting closer! Halloween is one of the most celebrated holidays in the United States. In fact, let’s take a look at some Halloween facts according to history.com:

  • 46% of adults carve a pumpkin for Halloween.
  • 50% of Americans decorate their yards.
  • 30% of kids say they sort their candy after returning home from trick-or-treating.
  • 90% of parents admit to sneaking candy from their kids’ trick-or-treat bags.
  • 120 million Americans (adults and children) dress up in costumes.
  • 11.5% of Americans dress up their pet.
  • 72% of American adults report distributing candy on Halloween.
  • 24 pounds is the amount of candy the average American consumes each year.

Interesting statistics, don’t you think? Halloween is also great for promotions — and you can use lip balm for scary good promotions that will keep customers on the edge of their seat. Get creative with some of these ideas, inspired by Pinterest finds!

“Balm” Cards: Print a card with the tagline “You are the Balm” on the top and leave white space to attach Broad Spectrum Lip Balm to the middle. It’s an easy way to offer trick-or-treaters something unique along with or instead of candy!

Trick or Treat Sleeve: Create a paper card with a “sleeve” that allows you to slide in a tube of Neon Cap Lip Balm. An eye-catching item for corporate handouts or customer gifts, recipients will love them!

Party Favors: Looking for a party favor or event giveaway? Wrap a flag around the cap of our All Natural Lip Balm that bears a Halloween-inspired message. You could leave it at each place setting if a meal is involved or hand it out to people as they walk in the door.

Scare Promo: Wrap our all-black Man Balm with a ribbon and tagline such as “Scare dry lips away.” You can also do this with our Hand Sanitizer Spray to “Scare the germs away!”

Jar of Treats: Fill a large mason jar with Colorful Lip Balm customized with Halloween labels! It’s a perfect item for any office setting, including health care clinics and corporate offices.

Glow Balm: Use our Glow in the Dark Lip Balm and attach it to a card with a glowing theme or phrase! You could try it as a mailer or hand it out during a company gathering.

The original ideas above are all on our Halloween Promotions Pinterest board, where you can also find more inspiration. Let your creativity have fun with it!