Comforting and Protecting Young Patients

Posted on 04/10/2015

Children's hospitals are major buyers of promotional products, and you can help your customers make the most of their marketing dollars by suggesting lip balm or hand sanitizer with a custom label.

No child wants to be in the hospital, so fun and colorful lip balm with fruity flavors can distract kids in an unfamiliar environment. For example, rubbing scented lip balm on an anesthesia or oxygen mask will help relax a patient about to undergo a procedure. For kids suffering from side effects of chemotherapy, a natural lip balm will soothe their dry skin during and after their hospital stay.

Hand sanitizer spray or gel with the hospital's logo makes a great handout to family members. If they have hand sanitizer on-the-go, they are more likely to use it frequently and remember the hospital's name.

With these personalized products, customers can be assured they can both comfort and protect young patients.

Customer selling idea: Parents often travel from home to be with their children in the hospital. Make it easier on them by gifting a variety of skin care products (complete with encouraging quotes) that will make their stay more comfortable.