Be Mine, Valentine

Posted on 01/20/2017

While there is more than one story about the history of Valentine’s Day, legend has it that it began in third-century Rome when the emperor made marriage for young men illegal because he felt single men made better solders than married men. Valentine, a young priest, resisted the decision and performed secret marriages for young men and women. Once the emperor discovered his actions, he threw him in jail, where Valentine fell in love with the jailer’s daughter prior to his execution. He wrote a letter to her just before his death and signed it “From Your Valentine,” a commonly used phrase to this day. His execution took place on February 14, and more than 200 years later, Pope Gelasius chose February 14 as a day to honor and remember him.

But why do we give gifts like flowers every Valentine’s Day? Flowers in particular have represented love and romance for hundreds of years, and giving them on this specific day comes from years ago when people sent bouquets to communicate nonverbal messages to someone, as many kinds of flowers had a certain meaning attached to it. Chocolate is also closely associated with love with its rich flavor, and it especially became linked to the holiday when, in the 1840s, Richard Cadbury refined his chocolate technique (and product) and came up with the heart-shaped box.

We say all this to share ideas for how you can use our products as gifts this February! Here are some perfect items and ideas for the occasion:

Ibuprofen: Include Ibuprofen in a gift basket to your longstanding customers, with a cute tagline on the label, such as “We LOVE our best customers!” It’s a simple way to send heartwarming wishes of thanks to those who’ve been with you a long time.

EOSTM Lip Balm: Choose Vanilla Bean or Strawberry Sorbet EOSTM Lip Balm to customize with your logo or a sweet message, placing them on the desk of each of your employees on Valentine’s Day. They will feel the love and remember how much they enjoy working with their team.

EOSTM Lotion: Our Berry Blossom EOSTM Lotion is the perfect giveaway for a Valentine’s Day drawing with your customers as potential winners. Film the drawing and post it on social media to allow people to engage with you!

Natural Lip Shimmers: Perfect for glamour and shine, you can hand out the Natural Lip Shimmer at a Galentine’s Day celebration or gift it to customers who work in the beauty and salon industries. It’s an easy item for making the day memorable.

Colorful Lip Balm: Thank your newest customers! Send Fruit Punch Colorful Lip Balm in the mail to your new customers, personalizing the label with a Valentine’s phrase like “Be Mine,” “You Rock,” or “XOXO.” It’s a cute and practical item they will love.