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  • New Year, New You!

    Tomorrow marks a new year, which means a clean slate for accomplishing new goals for yourself, whether they're personal or professional. Did you know that roughly 40% of Americans make New Year's resolutions each year? That's more than the number of people (30%) who watch the Super Bowl! While 40% is a great number, the unfortunate thing about& … read more

  • Raining Rose Has Holiday Spirit

    Raining Rose's holiday spirit is in full swing! We've been able to give back to our community, share gifts and fun with one another, and make the office a reflection of the holiday season. It really is the most wonderful time of the year!

    One of the main ways we've been able to support our community is through our annual Holiday Giving Tree, in … read more

  • We Couldn’t Have Done It Without You

    Kudos! Congrats! Nice work! Don’t you just love hearing words like these when you do something great? We are honored to have received a couple awards recently, as we’ve been chosen as finalists for the Counselor Distributor Choice Awards and PPAI Awards for 2017. Before we get more specific about what these mean, we want to say thanks … read more

  • 3 Ideas for Using Your Year-End Budget

    Do you find yourself getting to the end of the year and feeling stuck on how to use your year-end budget dollars? You are not alone. We understand the dilemma between not wanting to spend money on unnecessary items but also not losing money because you didn’t spend it. The beautiful thing about promotional products is that they … read more

  • Remembering to be Thankful

    Happy Thanksgiving from Raining Rose to you! With turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, and family and friends to enjoy, it’s a memorable occasion to share. We hope you take a moment to count all the blessings you have, not just today, but every day of the year — it actually has a larger impact on your quality of life than you may realize. … read more

  • Have You Heard the News?

    Raining Rose has acquired Solar Advertising, and we are thrilled about the addition! Former Solar Advertising employees have joined Raining Rose in the transition in our efforts to remain a trusted promotional supplier. So what does this mean for customers like you? You will have expanded resources to sales expertise and promotional ideas, not to … read more

  • More than Just Lip Balm

    Although we are best known for our lip balm, that’s not all we do! We’re excited to offer a new-for-2017 product that’s now available for customers like you: retainer cases!

    Did you know that more than 3.5 million kids and teens get braces or receive similar orthodontic treatment every year? While those with braces are generally … read more

  • Protective Products for Winter

    “To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake, it is necessary to stand out in the cold.” – Unknown

    While winter isn’t the favorite season of most, we feel the truth of this quote also goes for body care items. Sometimes we don’t realize how wonderful it is to have moisturized lips and hands until we really, really need … read more

  • 2017 Trade Show Theme Sneak Peek

    We're already planning our trade show theme for 2017 — and we are so excited! Choosing a new theme is one of our favorite things because we get to reimagine our look, expanding our creativity as we anticipate the coming year. It's an awesome combination of our sales reps and our products!

    So what will we be in 2017? We were … read more

  • Your Holiday Gift Giving Guide

    Last week we shared reasons why gift giving to clients is so important — and those reasons extend to really anyone who’s contributed to your business success this year — but we know that providing meaningful gifts isn’t always easy. That’s where we can help! This week, we want to give you some ideas for … read more

  • Why Gift Giving to Clients is Important

    It’s now October, which means it’s the perfect time to start thinking about holiday gifts. While plenty of businesses provide their customers with gifts every year, only a few put much thought into it. Like any great gift, it really is the thought that counts — so make each one meaningful for the specific client who’ll be … read more

  • Avoiding Cold and Flu

    Want to avoid the cold and flu this season? We do too — especially considering that 72% of the population experiences at least one cold every year, with adults averaging 2-4 cases (B&D Nutritional Ingredients). To help keep that from happening this time around, we’re providing some ways to stay healthy this cold and flu season. … read more

  • Trick-or-Treating Tips

    Planning to go trick-or-treating for Halloween this year, or going with your kids? Here are some tips from the CDC to keep in mind to make sure it’s a safe experience for everyone.

    S: Swords, knives, and other fake props or accessories should be short, soft, and flexible.A: Avoid trick-or-treating alone. Instead, go with a group or trusted … read more

  • Think Pink this October

    In 2016, there will be about 246,660 new cases of invasive breast cancer among women in the United States, according to the American Cancer Society. Fortunately, there is huge hope for those who detect cancer in its early stages. In fact, there is a 99% five-year survival rate of early stage breast cancer.

    Breast cancer awareness is an … read more

  • Halloween Lip Balm Promotions

    The spookiest day of the year is getting closer! Halloween is one of the most celebrated holidays in the United States. In fact, let’s take a look at some Halloween facts according to

    46% of adults carve a pumpkin for Halloween.

    50% of Americans decorate their yards.

    30% of kids say they sort their candy after returning … read more

  • The Resource Struggle: How Lip Balm Can Help Not-for-Profits

    When it comes to raising support for a good cause, people have a way of coming together thanks to a common bond or set of circumstances. Take breast cancer awareness, for example. Thousands of people join together for annual walks, runs, and other events to honor loved ones who’ve passed from the disease or are still fighting. One of the … read more

  • Work After Vacation: Tips for Re-Engaging

    Taking a break from work by going on vacation is extremely healthy, helping prevent burnout in the long-term — but no matter how much you love your job, coming back from vacation can be tough! Fortunately, there are some ways to have a smooth transition back to the office, as provided by Jeremy Watkin of

    Enjoy your … read more

  • How Lip Balm Can Serve Up Success for Restaurants

    Everyone can appreciate a great restaurant, as it provides an enjoyable experience for customers — but what’s the main challenge the restaurant industry is currently facing? Turns out the answer is finding talented, dependable employees. Roughly 50% of nearly 300 restaurant operators who participated in a survey conducted by Nation& … read more

  • Successfully Promoting a Cause

    Did you know? As much as 82% of consumers would recommend a brand that supports a good cause, according to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. This number is up from 64% in 2009 — and it’s a lot! Whether your company gets involved in breast cancer awareness or another worthy community endeavor, supporting and promoting a … read more

  • 5 Back to School Campaign Ideas

    The school bells will soon be ringing again! Did you know that the tradition of giving apples to teachers started in the 1500s in Denmark? According to Today’s Parent, parents compensated educators with food — especially apples because they were expensive and difficult to harvest, and teachers couldn’t live off their … read more

  • Going for Gold: Office Olympics

    It all starts in just 15 days — the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio will run August 5-21 and are sure to be both spectacular and inspiring. With 10,000 athletes, 42 sports, 306 events, 37 venues, and 206 countries represented, it’s something you won’t want to miss!

    To get inspired by the big games, why not organize a little … read more

  • “Fore” Tips for Golf-Inspired Promotions

    Hands down, golf is one of the most popular summer activities around. In fact, there are more than 25 million golfers in the United States according to the National Golf Foundation, and golf courses make up a total of 3,500+ square miles of land across the country (Golf Course Superintendents of America). To provide some perspective, that’s … read more

  • What Would You Do With $10,000?

    We are only SEVEN days away from the end of our $10K contest and announcing the big winner! We are so excited and hope you are too. 

    There is still time to enter for a chance to win through June 30: all you have to do is place any product order for a new customer or place any product order for a new product with a current customer! Remember … read more

  • 9 Tips for a Successful Company Picnic

    Summer is a great time to bring co-workers together outside of the office — to build relationships and provide a shared experience that's different from the everyday. How can you ensure it goes smoothly and is memorable? Here are some strategies for achieving success.

    Establish your goals. Determine the most important objectives you … read more

  • Putting our Green Thumbs to Work

    We at Raining Rose are consistently seeking to increase our “green” acts and our awareness to better the community and environment around us. A couple weeks ago, we began something unique to do just that — we planted milkweed for monarchs!

    In planting the milkweed at the front of our property, our goal is to provide a rearing … read more

  • 4 Basic Rules to Promotional Effectiveness

    Sometimes it’s a bit hard to wrap our minds around the fact that American businesses spend more than $20 billion on promotional products every year. Some say they’re the oldest form of advertising, which makes sense because they really work! At the same time, you have to do it the right way. Here are four basic rules for promotional … read more

  • Why Change is Exciting

    Jim Rohn once said, “Your life does not get better by chance; it gets better by change.” We believe the same is true in the workplace, as we’ve seen how the willingness to change and do things differently can create new opportunities and positive growth in the life of a company.

    A recent change for us has been a new printer, … read more

  • Limousines and Lip Balm

    Ever since ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft entered the transportation scene, limousine and taxi services have had to think of new ways to stay competitive. Ride-sharing services have allowed people to easily and immediately connect with drivers through a mobile app at an affordable price — and as a result, they’ve quickly … read more

  • Why Buy Red, White, and Blue?

    For most Americans, our most precious possession is citizenship in this amazing country. –Ann Coulter

    It’s no secret that buying products overseas often means fewer dollars out of the budget — but what about buying American? As a Midwest manufacturer, we see the importance of buying and selling USA-made products. Here are just a … read more

  • Proud to be a B Corp

    Last week we mentioned that one way we’re a green company is through our B Corp certification, and we’re so proud to have it! For those who aren’t sure what a Certified B Corporation® is, it’s a company that meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal … read more

  • Green for Earth Day and Every Day

    Tomorrow is Earth Day! Raining Rose is proud to be a green company, with several initiatives in place that show our commitment to sustainability and a minimal environmental impact. We maintain this commitment by recycling, reusing, and adopting processes that meet FDA and environmental legislation in our LEED-certified facility. Another … read more

  • Why Promotional Products Have Power

    Sometimes we forget that promotional products carry a lot of power when it comes to influencing customer decision making, so let’s take a look at some statistics that show just how powerful they can be. According to PPAI, they're pretty impressive!

    Advertising Recall: In a consumer behavior study, 88% of people who received promotional … read more

  • Applying Your Sunscreen Correctly

    Last week we talked about the reasons why applying sunscreen is so important — namely, to prevent cancer, early age spots, and other long-term effects — and this week we want to share some tips for applying sunscreen correctly. In doing so, we may reveal some things you’ve been forgetting to do! 

    1. Make sure you reapply … read more

  • The Importance of Sun Protection

    As the weather gets warmer, it can be easy to forget why wearing sunscreen is so important — so we want to remind you! Check out these great reasons inspired by the John Stoddard Cancer Center (2014):

    1. Sunscreen lowers your risk of skin cancer, so it’s wise to use sunscreen even when it’s cloudy. Melanoma, the most severe form, … read more

  • How will YOU reuse your Ibuprofen container?

    It’s probably pretty clear by now that we LOVE our new Ibuprofen offering — mainly because it’s so versatile! The item’s benefits are many, including its full-color custom imprint, reusable container, USA-made process, ingredient equality to brand names, and its ability to associate your name with pain relief. Quite … read more

  • Lessen Stress During Stress Awareness Month

    Did you know that April is Stress Awareness Month? It was first established in 1992 and is sponsored by the Health Resource Network (HRN). The goal of this month-long occasion is to educate people about the risks of stress, communicate effective ways to cope with it, and bring to light common misconceptions about the topic.

    If you’ … read more

  • Have You Been Watching our Videos?

    We've definitely been striving for creativity when it comes to our weekly drawing videos! If you attended the ASI show in Orlando or the PPAI show in Las Vegas earlier this year and picked up a raffle balm, you could still be a winner — we have three drawings left before the quarter ends! Winners can choose between All Natural Lip Balm, … read more

  • Impacting Residential Real Estate with Lip Balm

    Real estate is an area where agents very much feel the high and low tides of the buying market. Many factors can attribute to a decline in home buying, and based on trends evaluated by the Counselors of Real Estate, a prominent one is student debt. In 2014, college debt in the U.S. averaged $28,950 per student, with 69% of graduates of public and … read more

  • Versatility at its Finest: Ibuprofen Applications

    Ibuprofen is one of those items that can be used in practically every market for close to any kind of promotion. It relieves a wide range of pain and is so easy to carry on the person for consistent message exposure. Plus the container is reusable! Here are some fantastic ways to use Ibuprofen by market to really get your gears turning.

    Dental: … read more

  • The Perfect Places to Keep Your Lip Balm

    Lip balm is one of those items that’s essential to have on hand, which means it’s important to keep it in locations where you need it most. After all, why suffer from chapped lips if relief comes with just a little planning ahead?

    We’ve come up with some prime locations to keep your lip balm, along with some fun tips! … read more

  • In-Home Health Care: How Lip Balm Can Help

    When it comes to the health care market, numbers show there will be a large increase of people needing in-home health care in the coming years as a generation reaches 85+ years, with a likely gap in the health care workforce as a result. In fact, based on findings in the IBISWorld Industry Report, 90% of long-term care facilities today don’t … read more

  • Natural Really Does Make a Difference

    Sometimes we forget how beneficial natural products really are. They have so many great aspects, which is why we’re highly committed to producing the best — here are a few of those benefits!

    First of all, natural products are earth-friendly. The more chemicals we put into products, the more chemicals go into our … read more

  • Which Lip Balm is Like You?

    We wanted to switch things up a bit this week with a fun infographic! Have you ever thought about which lip balm is most like you and your personality? Check it out and find your match!

    read more

  • Last Reveals: Man Balm and Credit Card Hand Sanitizer

    Remember our previous post about how men are paying more attention to their personal grooming? It couldn’t be more true. Men more often seek body care items that have been made specifically for them, and companies have responded by offering men’s products and full men’s lines. In fact, Axe by Unilever is the largest men’s … read more

  • New Reveals: Show Theme and Ibuprofen

    The cat’s out of the bag — our 2016 trade show theme is our own cartoons! We’ve chosen our favorite activity and have dressed as such to promote Cartoon Balm, one of our favorite new products. We each get to express ourselves in a different way that connects to a common theme. We love it! 

    We’re so thankful for … read more

  • Show Special Recap

    What a fantastic ASI Show in Orlando! Thanks so much to all who attended. We had a blast introducing our new products and are thrilled about the amazing response we received for Cartoon Balm! The PPAI show in Las Vegas is just around the corner, and we can’t wait to interact with even more new and current customers.

    We also hope … read more