• Hand Sanitizer vs Soap: What Works Best Against Germs?

    Hand sanitizers and soaps are the best line of defense against germs, especially during flu season.  Germs are everywhere, and we’ve summarized the ‘dirty dozen’ places where you’re most susceptible to getting germs. As many as 400,000 germs (per hand) can accompany you as you go about your day:

    The ‘dirty … read more

  • Your Best Defenses in Winter Months

    As temperatures continue turning cooler and the days start feeling more like winter (especially here in Iowa), it’s important to have personal care items on hand that will combat the cold and flu season, as well as dry skin. We’ve got just what you need!

    Did you know? Across the United States, people miss a total of 70 million works … read more

  • Naturally Good

    More and more, people are choosing to use body care products that are naturally good — that is, made with natural ingredients. Considering our line of work, we understand how important this is and believe natural really is the best.

    So what are some natural ingredients that are great for your lips and skin? Let’s take a look: … read more

  • An Amazing Adventure

    Not many people can say they’ve traveled across the country. On a bike, that is. But our very own Jill Fassler is one of them, having checked off this feat from the top of her bucket list.

    Jill has been at Raining Rose for almost three years and works in packaging to run, print, and issue orders, as well as both supply … read more

  • Traveling Well

    Whether you’re traveling for a client meeting, tradeshow, or even your summer family vacation, we could all use some tips on how to be a better traveler!

    Try not to procrastinate. Make a packing list of all your trip essentials (no matter how small) in order to avoid unnecessary stress later on. No one wants to run around stores in a new … read more

  • Ditching Dry for Smooth

    Somewhere in the world, it’s cold! That means someone needs protection to sooth and help prevent dry, itchy skin. In addition to using our lip balm and lotion products, here are some pointers to remember when the cold air kicks in:

    Lukewarm vs. Hot Water: Avoid drying out your skin further by using lukewarm instead of hot water when you … read more

  • We're in this Together

    Did you know? Employee wellness programs lead to healthier, more productive employees and can offer a return on investment of $2-6 for every dollar spent promoting health. Companies that offer wellness initiatives will see more benefits than one: increased employee productivity, fewer sick days, fewer days when employees work while still … read more

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